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Club Golfer - Lawrence Hill - HC 14

What was the process like?

The process was not quite was I was expecting. I thought i would feel like I was being examined psychologically. The reality was quite different from this. It felt like a conversation with a golf pro except we weren't discussing my swing but talking about the period in between shots and my approach to my game from a holistic perspective. I suppose the truth is that we spend longer between shots than we do actually playing them!


What did you get out of the session?

From the session I had with Henri I feel like I learned a little bit about myself. Actually talking about the non-technical aspects of my game with an expert made me realise how much I try and analyse myself during a round instead of just getting on with enjoying my round! It has definitely given me some perspective. I wouldn't try and analyse my own swing, I just hit the ball. Makes me wonder why I've been trying to analyse my approach to my game for so long without getting some help.


Who would you recommend this type of session to?

I would recommend this kind of assessment/discussion to anyone who has enough insight to realise that they hit the ball with their brain and not their body. Decisions making, attitude, visualisation and possibly most important; enjoyment are all functions of the brain and not the body.


What was your situation like before the session? What is it like now?

I was getting a bit fed up with the lack of improvement. Granted I am playing less and had marginally lower expectations but had lost a little bit of the joy that I used to get from golf. Following my consultation I feel like I have been bitten the bug again. I can't wait to get back on the course because I know I can improve and without even needing to spend hours a week at the driving range.

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