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Please respect the wishes of my client to remain anonymous in this case

What was your situation before we started to work together?

I have played football competitively since I was 7 years old. It has always been my passion & what I look forward to doing most all week. Last season I felt I lost sight of why I started playing in the first place. Part of me wanted to quit, at times I felt clueless & the enjoyment of playing had gone. My motivation to play had disappeared and I felt it was reflected in the way I was playing.

What reservations (if any) did you have about working with me before?

Before working with Henri, I was worried that because I wasn't a professional and only play Women's Sunday League in tier 4, he wouldn't be able to help me as much. This however has not been the case, Henri has found numerous ways to coach the development of my mindset & in turn improve my motivation & performance.

What has the process of working with me been like?

Henri delivers a high level of service sending both written and audio note after each session of everything we discussed & what the next steps are to continue development. I have really enjoy the structure of the sessions. We have set realistic expectations which has given me more focus & clarity on what I want to achieve as an individual player & the team. We have set both outcome & process goals for both matches and training so I am fully aware of what I need to do in order to succeed. We are now starting to look at self talk; how it can affect my mindset and performance.

What is the one best result you have got from working with me?

So far Henri has helped to give me clarity from what I want to achieve this season. We have set realistic expectations in the form of outcome & process goals. At this point I am currently injured so I have been unable to put them into practice but I am looking forward to applying them in few weeks time once I return to football. In the meantime off the pitch I have been working on developing positive self talk in everyday life and during my training sessions at the gym. I have found this extremely effective so far and have started to change my perception and thinking in negative situation to a more positive one. I look forward to continuing to work with Henri throughout the season.


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