Professional Golf Success

Professional Golfer - Scott Newbould, EuroPro Tour

What was your situation before we started to work together?

I was playing golf and getting frustrated when I hit bad shots. I would hit one bad shot which would lead to another and then another. Before I knew it I'd had a stretch of 3 bad holes!

What reservations (if any) did you have about working with me before?

None really, I thought it could only enhance what I was trying to do. The cost was a concern at first but it was still something I was really interested in doing.

What has the process of working with me been like?

Really good, we always keep in contact and I know I can get in touch if I have any questions. Having a different set of eyes looking at the way I'm doing things really helps, it's so useful to get another perspective. Some of the work we've done has been so simple, but it's easy to overlook things when you're so close to a situation.

What is the one best result you have got from working with me?

I'm not getting anywhere near as frustrated as before. I don't feel as much pressure on the next shot if I hit one that isn't perfect, there's no need to feel any pressure on the next shot and I don't tighten up. I feel much more relaxed and this means lower scores! Now I see an OK situation as being OK rather than the end of the world.

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